Man, am I the only one who gets sorta sketchy on buying cute clothes? Japanese ones to be exact.
Cause I look at the picture, and it’s like, a bit longer than fingertip length skirt.
And I consider. Hmm…. She’s probably 5’0”….
Then I look down at my legs, and consider that I’m 5’10”…..
…… *sigh*
None of these will be appropriate. ;n;

I have a “kik” now, for whatever reason. Not sure how long, but…
lovelyblondeburden is the name.
Hit me up, if you’d like.


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Inking done

Disney was fun.

Disney was fun.


Hey, my beloved little dolls! ♡

This is my second giveaway for my followers sponsored by me. I’ve saved my money a long time to sponsor my next giveaway, and now I’m ready! I decided to make this giveaway with pastel ‘lolita complex’ theme. You can win ALL THIS SET of kawaii lingerie and pastel clothes!

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Good luck, my sweet cutiepies

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Heh, first fanart, woo.

Heh, first fanart, woo.

This is my beautiful sister who just got married. Before, she was so nervous!  #beautiful #bride #wedding #sister #gorgeous #amazing #happy #love

This is my beautiful sister who just got married. Before, she was so nervous! #beautiful #bride #wedding #sister #gorgeous #amazing #happy #love

Haha, so much love…! I guess they don’t like that I’ve been so busy… #instapet #love #cute #animals #pets #stainless #sugar #munchkin #adora

Haha, so much love…! I guess they don’t like that I’ve been so busy… #instapet #love #cute #animals #pets #stainless #sugar #munchkin #adora